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Jeff observed his change and tried to cheer Neil up by feigning interest in Neil's favorite pastime, Dungeons & Dragons.

When Neil gave Jeff all his Dungeons & Dragons books, saying that he didn't need them any more, Jeff worried that Neil had become suicidal.

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The episode is introduced in flashback, narrated by a female voice-over who explains the plight of Neil, a student at Greendale who had hoped that the stigma of teasing and name-calling from other schools would not carry over to Greendale.

However, he soon became known as "Fat Neil," causing him to become very depressed.

I'll be pinpointing Main Facilities/Places in each Route/Town. Lastly, comes all the fun stuff that can be done at Sandmarsh Town!You’ll understand why as you walk here among its ruined emperors’ palaces and still-blooming botanical gardens. If You Miss Your Desired Departure Time: We will check you in for the next available tour at the Meeting Point.What’s Included: Reservations: If you’d like to reserve in advance, you can call anytime Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. If You’ve Checked In But Miss Your Guide: Return to the Meeting Point to be re-accommodated for the next available tour.Stop 2: The Sistine Chapel The most famous frescoes in the world will greet you when you enter the jewel box of the Sistine Chapel.Here, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning Michelangelo masterpieces that have adorned a million picture postcards—including the nine central panels of the chapel ceiling, each depicting a tale from Genesis (the most famous being ). Peter’s Basilica (Self-Guided) This grand cathedral—one of the world’s largest churches, and one of its most sacred Catholic sites—sits atop the very spot where St. On this self-guided part of the tour, you’ll see the church’s chapels and elaborately painted, multi-domed ceiling; also, Michelangelo’s remarkable —a sculptural depiction of the Virgin Mary cradling her dying son.

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